Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin


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A Symphony of Botanicals

Immerse yourself in the lush, floral embrace of Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin, an exquisite spirit that celebrates the vibrant beauty of the botanical world. This gin is a masterful blend of aromatic flowers, fragrant herbs, and classic gin botanicals, crafted to transport your senses to a blooming garden in full bloom.

Tasting Notes

Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin presents a bouquet of captivating aromas. The nose is greeted with a medley of fresh blossoms, mingled with subtle notes of citrus and earthy undertones. On the palate, a delicate dance of rose petals, lavender, and chamomile unfolds, harmoniously balanced with the crispness of juniper and a hint of spice. The finish is smooth and graceful, leaving a lingering impression of floral elegance.

Key Ingredients

  • Juniper Berries: The cornerstone of gin, providing a traditional yet vibrant backbone.
  • Rose Petals: Infusing a delicate and romantic floral note.
  • Lavender: Adding a soothing and aromatic touch.
  • Chamomile: Contributing a gentle, sweet earthiness.
  • Citrus Peel: Brightening the profile with a refreshing zest.
  • Angelica Root: Enhancing the complexity with a touch of earthiness.


Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin is distilled with meticulous care in small batches. Our master distillers blend traditional methods with innovative techniques to create a gin that is both timeless and contemporary. Each bottle is a testament to their dedication to quality and their passion for botanical artistry.

Serving Suggestions

Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin shines in a variety of cocktails. Enjoy it in a classic G&T, garnished with a slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint for a refreshing twist. For a more sophisticated experience, mix it into a Floral Martini, combining the gin with elderflower liqueur and a dash of lemon bitters, garnished with a twist of lemon and a sprig of thyme.

Indulge in the enchanting world of Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin. Whether enjoyed in a refined cocktail or savored neat, this gin promises a journey that captures the essence of a flourishing garden in every sip. Raise a glass and toast to the beauty and diversity of the natural world with Cape Saint Blaize Floristic Gin.